2021 Leadership Team Meeting Recap

In April 2021, the annual Vineyard USA Leadership Team Meeting (LTM) meeting in Phoenix, Arizona with about 250 regional, area, and national ministry leaders focused on transitions and the way on. We were joined by Tod Bolsinger, Associate Professor of Leadership Formation at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Please feel free to share this page in your local context and continue to refer to our Transitions page for the latest updates.

Main Sessions


Phil Strout: Intro

Phil Strout: “Two Cups”

Tod Bolsinger: “My experience with the Vineyard” 

Tod Bolsinger: “Embarrassed in board room” 

Tod Bolsinger: “Lewis and Clarke” 

Tod Bolsinger: “Prototypes” 

Update from Vineyard Resources

Update from Vineyard Missions

Update from Multiply Vineyard

Update from Vineyard Worship 

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