Vineyard USA Reorganization

Interim & Final Reports 

We are excited to offer you two reports on the ReOrg process. In September 2020, the Executive Team voted unanimously on the first series of strategic decisions that will guide the next season of our life together as a movement. In April 2021, the ReOrg Team formally disbanded leaving the implementation of these changes to a process of Transitions. 

The reports below will provide you with information about the content, context, and implications of the key decisions made. They include a written document, as well as a multi-part video roundtable discussion with Phil Strout, members of the Executive Team, and members of the ReOrg Team.

At your discretion, you are free to share these resources with the pastoral staff of your churches, using the “Email this page” button below.

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1. Why Are We Doing The ReOrg Now?

2. What Are The Challenges We Are Facing?

3. How Does The ReOrg Process Function?

4. What Has Been Done In The ReOrg So Far?

5. What Are The Benefits Of The ReOrg For Local Church Pastors?

6. Phil Strout on The Way Forward

“Mark This Moment” – Interim Report #1 Preview